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Please complete the form below to contact an experienced personal injury Infuse attorney at Lieff Cabraser about your experience with the Infuse bone graft system. One of our Infuse lawyers will promptly and carefully review your case and inform you of your legal rights. There is no charge or obligation for our determination of whether you are eligible to file an Infuse lawsuit.

You may also call us toll-free at 1-888-315-6092 and ask to speak to attorney Kent L. Klaudt.

Please note: Completion of this form does not obligate Lieff Cabraser to represent you. We can only serve as your attorney if we both agree in writing. Please read our disclaimer.

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Did you receive Infuse (BMP-2) in an anterior approach lumbar fusion surgery?
Did you receive Infuse (BMP-2) in a lateral or posterior approach lumber fusion surgery?
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What was the date of your Infuse surgery?
What is the name of the surgeon who implanted Infuse in your spine?
After your surgery in which Infuse (BMP-2) was used, did you undergo any revision surgery?
If so, when?
What injuries do you attribute to the use of Infuse in your spine?
Have you ever been diagnosed with ectopic bone growth (or heterotrogenous, heterotropic, exhuberant, or uncontrolled bone growth)?
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